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Toastrack Coach     Kit £49.00 ; Finished £84.00

In 1923 the Festiniog Railway purchased six open "Toastrack" coaches from Robert Hudson Ltd of Leeds. They were numbered 37 to 42.

Ffestiniog Railway’s Carriage 39

Carriage 39 is essentially a replica of one of the original Hudson carriages and was built on an old WD frame by Winson Engineering at Penrhyndeudraeth using some original parts from Wagon 73, and upgraded at Boston Lodge in 1992. It is painted in the "Colonel Stephens" Livery of green with red ends. In 2004 wire mesh doors were added for safety reasons, in place of the original safety chains.

Welsh Highland Heritage Railway’s Carriage 42

On first impressions the maroon panelled and black framed WHHR’s replica No.42 appears identical to the FR number 39 (apart from the colour!). The reality is different. Some critical measurements of the body are different and the method of construction is not the same.

The Model

It was because of these differences that it was decided to create a generic model which could easily represent the FR (39) or WHHR (42) version. It may not please the rivet counter, but you would have to know the prototype very well to spot the differences!

Made from wood, it is available as either a kit or as a finished model.

This model is only available in 32mm gauge. Try as I might, I couldn't make it 45mm gauge without making the body wider - which looked very wrong.

Minimum radius is 2’6” (maybe even a bit less).


Not too hard to make (but it’s not really a beginner’s kit), with easy to follow illustrated instructions.

Of course everything's included (apart from paint and glue).


Available in either maroon or green.

Kit Includes:
All Body Parts
Full Instructions
Not Included:
Paint & Glue
Finished Model:
Assembled painted model
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