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Historic Photographs

This gallery charts the development from its inception in early 2000 to the present.

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February 2000

First Time on public display.

Only one side was open for viewing, so there wasn't much to see on the public side!

Overall size 9' x 9'.

November 2000

Two aerial shots showing how small and compact the layout was at that time.


February 2001

Harbour Station module now built, with viewing now from two sides.

The low-relief station building was moved to the new Wharf Station at the rear.



A 16.5mm gauge railway, representing 12.25 inch gauge was built on the new module. The auto shuttle ensured that the small engine was always moving. This track has since been removed.

March 2001

Tied up building rolling stock, so not much improvement.

April 2002

Smoke generating BBQ added to Timpdon Sheds station platform, where the station bulding was originally positioned.

August 2002

The notorious hole in the road interactive water feature added.

April 2004

New module created, containing the beach and pub.

The working swing bridge is also on this section.



April 2005

Garside Mill built at rear of Engine Sheds module.

Slate Wharf and Custom House built, replacing the police car.


December 2005

We were amazed how popular live steam was at the NEC (Warley Model Railway Club) exhibition.

June 2006

The third side of the layout was widened and detailed. This included the new Wharf Station building, castle walls and car park.

The old low-relief station was returned to its old site at Timpdon Sheds (the OPen Day section).



November 2006

Timpdon does Paris! (or Timpdon International Tours seemed more appropriate ...).

We were invited over to the Expometrique - fantastique!!

September 2007

The Wharf Station car park is now becoming populated.




April 2010

Since the last show in November 2009, the two ends were totally rebuilt on slightly narrower baseboards (the Open Day module and the Market Stalls at the other end). A keen eye will see that the storage sidings in the sheds is now only two tracks, not three.

This was quite a major operation, involving all the related scenery being moved and two small bridging modules created to allow the track to join the long length (look at the yellow footbridge module to the left).

This was all done to facilitate the layout fitting into a twin-axle trailer, rather than a hired van.

Perhaps the most noticeable change was the Wharf Station being turned 180° round, with it's back to the public. Compare the two pictures to the left with the earlier Before and After pictures under June 2006 above.

March 2012

The animated manhole, which hadn’t worked for a few shows, was redesigned and is a lot more reliable.

Also the level crossing gates on the autoshuttle line were altered to never fail again (almost). The engine on the autoshuttle line was changed to Moelwyn and two Ffestiniog Railway coaches were constructed.

The smoke generator on the BBQ was also converted to run from a ‘header tank’ to save constant filling up during shows.

31 March 2012

At the National Garden Railway Show in Peterborough, the public voted Timpdon "Layout of the Year"!!!   A really great honour. Thank you!


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