A 'Small' SM32 Exhibition Layout

No Live Steam - just Battery Electric


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About the Layout

Some narrow gauge enthusiasts may be wondering where Ffuglen Station is actually located on the Ffestiniog Railway. A Welsh-English dictionary should clarify. Ffuglen means:

“fictional; invented” as in “an imaginative creation or a pretence that does not represent actuality, but has been invented”.

All the rolling stock is modelled from the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway. Very short trains have to be run as, it should be remembered, an average Ffestiniog train is over 16’ long in this scale.

16mm scale on 32mm gauge track (2 foot narrow gauge) is normally considered more suitable running outside in the garden. This layout tries to show that 16mm modelling can also be taken indoors. All the working locomotives are battery powered, with no electricity through the rails. There is also an “Inglenook” shunting puzzle and the public can operate many special scenic effects.

Exhibition Bookings

If you want to book Ffuglen for an exhibition, you can down load a Fact Sheet pdf here.

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