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The never ending project to try and build a
ride on (5" gauge) ground level railway in a normal back garden

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5pm Sunday 29 June 2014

So after so many setbacks and much disappointment, it was in eager anticipation that my sole son and heir and I carried out the loco and only other wagon, and placed them on the track. This other truck is almost identical to the troublesome one being modified - but this one has bigger flanges and smaller wheels. It was coupled up behind and I carefully turned the control knob….

(dramatic pause and roll of drums).

IT WORKED! With beaming smiles we crept along the track and even crossed the bridge.

Numerous laps were completed. Each one of the dogs wanted a ride and even the wife seemed to relent and show a little enthusiasm and appreciation.

It was simply brilliant!

The 29 June will be celebrated each year and henceforth known as ‘Timpdon Day’. And who knows, in 100 years time, railway preservationists could all be wearing centenary T-shirts, running commemorative historical trains in celebration of the day it all started.

Well maybe.

You can watch some video footage of the railway and also the construction on the Video Page.


Is it finished yet?

What now? Well the patio needs new slabs before Autumn and I suspect one of the 12 volt motors on the only engine is overheating and burning out.

A closer inspection is needed as soon as I stop riding round the garden with a huge grin.

To Do List:-

• Keep ballasting the track as it settles
• Make sure the loco’s motors are okay
• Replace the patio slabs with new

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